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The Clean Up Begins!

In December 2019 my parents and I removed 7000 pounds of trash left by the most recent inhabitants. It was a good start!

If we do the math, that 7000 pounds of trash had to be lifted three times; when it was bagged, when it went onto the truck and when we took it off the truck at the landfill. That means we each lifted 7000 pounds in a two week period. By the way, Ed and Jo are 85 and 82 years old respectively, which demonstrates that a healthy and spiritual life can result in strength and grace in our later years.

The left over steel, wood beams, glass, mine tailings, tires and other scrap will be creatively repurposed and recycled to build a retreat for healing and reconciliation, a space to enjoy the vast beauty of the desert as it should be.

Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

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