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The Future of Farming

The Sonoran Desert Sanctuary is dedicated to preserving fragile desert ecosystems through sustainable farming practices and education. 


Our goal is a small-scale aquaponic and permaculture farm utilizing state-of-the-art shipping container pods outfitted as greenhouses. We want to be on the leading edge of growing food with limited impact on water and landscape and zero topsoil disturbance. This is not only the future of farming; it is the critical next step to preserving our way of life in the Southwestern United States.  We want to adhere to the sustainable use of rainwater harvesting and capture that has been successfully demonstrated by other permaculture enthusiasts in Arizona.


This farm will provide fresh produce for guests, as well as specialty agricultural products for sale.  Retreats centered around sustainable gardening agriculture, wild foraging, herbal medicine, and vegetarian cooking classes will be offered.  Recipes will be posted on the Sanctuary's blog.

Right now we are hoping to plant as many trees for the orchard as possible, as well as paint some of the farm structures.  Your donations will help make that possible!

We are now officially a BEE RESCUE operation! 


Our beekeeper has rescued seven hives in residential areas that would have been exterminated.  We did the math and our goal is 40 hives in the 20 acres that the Sonoran Desert Sanctuary has set aside for bees!  For the bee sanctuary to be fully operational we need monetary donations for the hive boxes and flowering plants, trees and herbs to help support the bee population.  Every little bit will help whether it is $10 for a native sage or $200 for a  hive box.  If you believe in the rescue of bees and feel called to be a sponsor of our Bee Sanctuary, please contact us directly for larger scale donations at  Our farm is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible.

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