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Botanical Garden Project


We are getting ready to plant a botanical garden as part of our land regeneration efforts.  Click on the link below to see a short video and donate to our GoFundMe campaign.

Campground Project

Our campground fundraiser has already raised enough to build the restroom!  This was key in opening for retreats.  Our next goal is to raise another $12,000 to put up one of the 30-foot yurts that was donated.  This will be our campground kitchen for larger groups.  We really need to get these yurts up and out of storage!  Any amount helps move us forward.  Click the link below for a short video and to donate.

If you would prefer to donate the old fashioned way we also accept Home Depot Gift cards!


Botanical Garden Project

We welcome volunteers to help us prepare the land and plant.  Volunteers are welcome to camp in the campground for free or even stay in one of our safari tents. We provide either breakfast or lunch.  Volunteer for 1/2 day and spend the rest of the day exploring the lake or hiking the canyons.

Campground Project

Our campground needs volunteers for the following projects:

Building the outdoor BBQ.  We need assistance putting together a large cinderblock and stucco BBQ that we can use to prepare food for our retreats. 

Building an ADA ramp.  Our restroom requires a 20-foot ADA ramp.  We need someone with experience to help us design and construct the ramp.

Erecting Yurts.  We received an incredible donation of two 30-foot yurts.  We will need someone who knows how to design and lay the concrete foundation, as well as put up the wooden frames and covers. 


April 2024 is not even here and we already have people to thank:  

Thank you to the Desert Tree Farm in Phoenix Arizona for donating a wonderful selection of trees and shrubs to the botanical garden!  We are excited to pick them up this week!


March 2024: 


A huge thank you to Melanie Manson and Voelker Studios for donating 3000 pounds of cactus cuttings to the botanical garden, including a massive South African Mountain Aloe!

Thank you to Cane Springs Ranch for offering their acreage for foraging and collecting samples for the botanical garden!

Thank you Mattressland of Kingman for donating sheets, bedding and mattresses to the retreat center!  

Thank you to Donna, Ed & Jo, Alicia, Pamela, and Marie for donating trees to the botanical garden!

Thank you to the volunteers who are helping finish the many projects necessary to prepare for the botanical garden and finish the remaining campsites!

And Thank You to everyone who is contributing to the botanical garden fundraiser!


February 2024:  Thank you to the hydrologist who took a couple of weeks to collect rain data and start a building permaculture plan! 


And thank you to the volunteers from that continued the permaculture work and built the "mouse bunker" critter proof garden!


 December 2023:  Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped put up the safari tents and build paths.  Our first retreat guest arrives soon.  We made our deadline thanks to you!


Fall 2023: Thank you to the volunteers who have put time into building the campground restroom.  Our campground is finally open thanks to you!


May 2023: Thank you to the folks who came out to build a chicken coop for our rescue flock!  The chickens love it!


December 2022:  Thank you to everyone who is contributing to our on-going campground fundraiser!

July 2022:  Thank you for the donation of safari tents and furnishings for the campground!

June 2022:  Thank you for the major gift donation of a windmill!

May 2022:  Thank you for the donation of a usable Toyota truck!

April 2022: Thank you all for helping work on the waterline to the campground and other water infrastructure repairs!

November 2021:  Thank you volunteers for help repairing the roof and siding on the main work shed!

November 2021: Thank you for the major gift donation of two 30-foot yurts, and thank you to the volunteers who delivered and unloaded them!

October 2021:  Thank you for the donation of a Grundfos pump and filter system for a future grey water pond!

May 2020:  Thank you volunteers for the hard work repairing and repainting the siding on the barn!

Dec - April 2020:  Thank you volunteers for the hard work cleaning up the 30,000 pound refuse pile!


request otherwise).

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