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December 2022:  Thank you to everyone who is contributing to our on-going campground fundraiser!

July 2022:  Thank you for the donation of safari tents and furnishings for the campground!

June 2022:  Thank you for the major gift donation of a windmill!

May 2022:  Thank you for the donation of a usable Toyota truck!

April 2022: Thank you all for helping work on the waterline to the campground and other water infrastructure repairs!

November 2021:  Thank you volunteers for help repairing the roof and siding on the main work shed!

November 2021: Thank you for the major gift donation of two 30-foot yurts, and thank you to the volunteers who delivered and unloaded them!

October 2021:  Thank you for the donation of a Grundfos pump and filter system for a future grey water pond!

May 2020:  Thank you volunteers for the hard work repairing and repainting the siding on the barn!

Dec - April 2020:  Thank you volunteers for the hard work cleaning up the 20,000 pound refuse pile!



We are  currently accepting tax deductible donations for the sustainable farm operated under the nonprofit The Anderson-Arroyo Foundation.

The best way to donate is through a Home Depot gift certificate made out to:

The Anderson Arroyo Foundation

You will receive an email back filled with gratitude and your tax deductible donation receipt.  A plaque with your name will be placed by the tree you donated (unless you request otherwise).

Trees Varieties:
  • Orange

  • Tangerine

  • Clementine

  • Lemon

  • Lime

  • Grapefruit

  • Plum (need a compatible pollinating tree)

  • Apricot (need a compatible pollinating tree)

  • Peach

  • Apple trees (multiple variety)

  • Pomegranate trees

  • Pecan (need a compatible pollinating tree)

  • Almond (need a compatible pollinating tree)

  • Olive Trees (multiple varieties)

  • Dragon fruit (Pitaya)

  • Prickly Pear cactus - many!

  • Banana yucca

  • Mexican fence post cactus - many!


If you would like to volunteer your services as an individual or a group, please contact us!  All experience levels welcome.  And if there is something specific your group would like to learn, we can arrange an educational volunteer weekend around adobe building, permaculture, desert planting or even wilderness survival skills and flint knapping.

Sonoran Desert Sanctuary

PO Box 143

Yucca, AZ 86438

Tel: 310-717-7812

Thanks for submitting!

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