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The Anderson-Arroyo Foundation


The Anderson-Arroyo Foundation is committed to healing trauma; the trauma suffered by individuals, as well as the earth-based trauma of abused landscapes and other-than-human species. Through land regeneration projects and collaborative wilderness retreats programs, our goal is to help heal the earth and her inhabitants, side by side, hand in hand.

Our future goals include providing Spiritual Direction for Veterans, first-responders and other trauma survivors on their journey through PTSD and Moral Injury

As well as Spiritual Retreats for groups or individuals

Ongoing one-on-one Spiritual Direction

Free of charge

For more information or to donate please contact us.


Statistics are showing that Moral Injury, even more so than PTSD, is what leads to suicide among Veterans.  Moral Injury is not a psychological injury or a diagnosis, it is a spiritual injury and a natural response to trauma.  Moral Injury creates a rift in our soul, as we are torn apart from being witness to or participating in something that goes against the moral fiber of our being.  It is a rift that also separates individuals from family, community and even god.  Spiritual Direction can aid in the healing of Moral Injury and is a much-needed component in addition to psychological assistance for PTSD.  Group and individual retreats will be offered for veterans and others who desire spiritual guidance. 



Board of Directors

The Anderson-Arroyo Foundation


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our growing team of advisors covers our full circle of needs, from permaculture, arid farming and environmental building experts, to desert herbologists and spiritual guides across faith traditions.

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