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We have a Botanical Garden!

Thanks to two major donors, we now have a botanical garden! We wanted this for the future, and the future became now! This botanical garden establishes a biological island, the beating heart of our land regeneration effort. These tree canopies will shade the ground, provide nesting for the local and migrant birds, and encourage the rain to fall. The pollinating plants will support the bees, butterflies, and other insects. The garden will provide a beautiful, restful area for meditation and contemplation.

In anticipation of caretaking the garden, our director, Jen, raced to Zaytuna College in Berkeley to get her certification in Permaculture design. In March, we picked up thousands of pounds of cactus and euphorbia cuttings from Voelker Studios, donated by Melany Manson in loving memory of Chris Voelker. The donation included a giant South African Mountain Aloe valued at over $10,000. Then, a commercial nursery in Phoenix, Arizona, donated around 50 Sonoran Desert trees and shrubs. Our GoFundMe campaign also brought in generous donations and another dozen trees. How did we get this all in the ground? A group of "heart-centered" young leaders from Europe, lead by Liza Leiss, traveled to the Sanctuary to volunteer their time and strength. Little did they know how hard the Arizona soil is! But they did it! And they got to stay in the new campground with our comfy safari tents, flush toilets, and hot showers!

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the birth of our botanical garden! Visit us now to see the garden in its infancy, or better yet, book your retreat in advance. Imagine the beauty of the garden when the shade trees start maturing and the pollinating shrubs and flowers burst into full bloom. It's a sight you won't want to miss!

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