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Major Donation of YURTS!

A TV series donated two 30ft yurts used in production! The GREAT news is that they are from the Nomad yurt company out of Homer Alaska that constructs incredible dwellings. Retail value plus shipping is valued around $60,000. A fellow teamster and friend donated his time and vehicle to transport the 9000lbs of crates and wood to the Sanctuary. My great team on "Ski" helped load everything in Los Angeles, and Frank, Jackie and I were there to help Reece offload. Yes, four of us offloaded two massive crates, two 200lb wood circles, and 120 pieces of lumber with NO forklift! There will be a follow up fundraiser so that we can purchase the insulation, outer shells and actually put them up. I added a few images from the Nomad Shelter website so you get an idea of what these things look like.

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