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I found a Solar Oven!

In the amazing amounts of trash that was left behind by the previous owners I found a gem, a solar oven! Up until now we have been using an induction range powered by the solar batteries that run the main house. However a solar oven will allow us even more battery charge for other uses! Our non-profit, Change the Menu - Change the World, now has a solar oven for the epitome of food preparation that is healthy for the planet!

It is a simple black box with a clear plastic lid. I decided to try it out by baking two sweet potatoes. The outside temperature was about 75 degrees and it was a fully sunny day. I figured if I put the potatoes in around 10am they should be ready to eat for dinner. As it turns out they were ready to eat for lunch at 1:00pm! I topped the sweet potatoes with a little Earth Balance (vegan butter alternative), salt and pepper. Yum!

I will definitely be posting future solar oven recipes!

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