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Covid19 Escape: Retreating to My Retreat!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I never thought that when I purchased a piece of land that had been used as a survivalist family compound, that I would need to retreat to it for survival! All I knew is that for the past few years God was pushing me to find land in the I did. As a person with asthma who has caught other exciting bugs like Lyme Disease, I made haste and left the covid-19 hot seat of Los Angeles as quickly as I could. I am happy to report that after two weeks of quarantine, no symptoms of coronavirus are present!

Now I am sitting far off the grid, 80 miles from civilization, in the middle of a spring desert super bloom at the edge of a lake. I feel guilty to be in such a magnificent place when such a crisis abounds in the world and people are sequestered at home. I actually spent the first entire week inside my house because that is what everyone else was doing and my empathy was overwhelming! I am also taking it very easy because of a recent yoga headstand accident.

I deeply regret that the other houses and living spaces are not in shape yet, or I would gather all of my family, loved ones and others into this beautiful, secure, and covid19-free space. The coronavirus event has speed up my dedication to restoring this place to be a retreat, spiritual or other, for years to come.

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