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Bee Sanctuary and Rescue Operation

Our bee "farm" started as one hive and queen that was purchased from a supplier. However, Bill (our sacred beekeeper) decided to volunteer with a group in Phoenix who rescues hives that are located too close to the human dwellings. Now Bill is turning our operation into a bee sanctuary for hives that would otherwise be exterminated. I could not be more excited! Because of this we are greatly extending our vision for beekeeping. After doing the math we figure we can handle between 60 and 100 hives. This also will also give the non-profit farm a great way to fund raise...honey!

As I was writing this blog our number of hives went from four to six. We really need to purchase more hive boxes to meet the demand for swarm rescues. If you love bees please consider donating a bee hive box. We will name the hive after you, or after your favorite female deity (since bees are an amazing matriarchal society). You can order through Amazon and have the shipment delivered to Gen Anderson, Change the Menu, PO Box 22 Yucca AZ 86438. The hive boxes are $129.99 and shipping is free.

We also need to start planting more flowering desert plants and if the beehive is a little expensive to donate, even a $5-$25 Home Depot gift card would be very very helpful! See the "Farm" page for a donation link.

For those who are allergic to bees, like me, the hives will be situated away from the main retreat facilities. How lucky we are to have 330 acres! Lucky for bees too!

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