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The Dream of a Desert Sanctuary

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

It has been my lifelong dream to bring people to the beautiful Sonoran Desert to meditate and pray. The desert is a perfect place for people to search for God off the grid, unplugged from the tangles of life and electronics, removed from the walls of a temple-mosque-church.

In October 2019, after nearly a year of negotiations, 330 acres of what had been a mining claim and later a survivalist family compound was rescued from over 100 years of abuse and neglect. The desert maintains its beauty, but is littered with the debris and scars of the past. It is my intent to restore the area with loving intention and sustainability, and to create a desert sanctuary of wonder and inspiration where individuals and groups can gather.

I have named this place The Sonoran Desert Sanctuary, a sanctuary for the land and a sanctuary for people. It has two wells with crystal clear water, three houses, barns, casitas, canyons, hiking trails, caves, gardens and nearby Alamo Lake. Migrating birds flock to the nearby riparian area and bald eagles nest in the cliffs. The sunsets are brilliant and the dark night sky provides a breath taking view of the Milky Way.

The work has begun to clean up and restore this majestic place.

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