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Everything Works! Hallelujah!

This property came with a giant workshop where I assume everything on the property was either built or repaired. After our awesome volunteers spent two days cleaning it up, it was time to sort through the tools. I know a little about hand tools and machinery but for this shop I needed a local expert to give me a proper tour. I felt like I was on an episode of "American Pickers!" All the basic hand tools and parts and pieces were there for woodworking, electrical, gardening, vehicle repair etc... There are tools to pull and work on engines along with winches, heavy duty jacks and pull straps. Then we pulled out a generator and started testing the power tools. We started small with the soldering irons, drills, saws, sanders. We worked our way up through the rock polishers, heavy duty grinders to the drill press, band and table saws. With a little help from a can of WD40 Everything still works! We still need to check the welder and the tire changing machine. There is even a lathe! Amazing. I have a fully functioning worship to start the rebuild! I'm including a few photos for all you tool crazy people out there. I am now a tool crazy person too! Today I used the table saw to cut the wood posts for a deck railing and I am happy to report I still have all of my fingers intact. :)

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